Swiftair’s Environmental Policy

The Management of Swiftair, a benchmark company in the air transport sector, in the context
of activities and logistics carried out at the company’s headquarters (Ingeniero Torres
Quevedo 14, 28022 Madrid), maintenance performed in the Hangar located in the Cargo
Terminal of Madrid Airport (HR7) and management of line maintenance in the Warehouse 22,
also located at the same airport undertakes to:

  • Comply with legal requirements of an environmental nature, as well as other
    regulatory or customer‐specific requirements.
  • Maintain active communication and collaboration with the Public Administration and
    other interested parts.
  • Maintain and improve the competence and involvement of the people by promoting
    their active participation.
  • Constantly optimize processes by using clean technologies.
  • To protect the environment by preventing pollution and minimizing the adverse
    environmental impact that different activities may generate.
  • Training and informing employees on environmental issues.
  • Promote the same principles of respect for the environment to suppliers and

This policy is the reference framework used by the Management to set annual environmental
improvement objectives.
It is reviewed on a regular basis to maintain its adequacy and validity and to ensure continuous
improvement of the effectiveness of the Environmental Management System.

Madrid, January 01, 2024
Signed.‐ Asensio Martinez‐Asua Traspaderne
Swiftair Accountable Manager