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Since July 2017 that Swiftair integrated MAIS, a Joint Venture with ALS Aviation&Logistics Solutions, a Portuguese brokerage company, and LOGINSULAR, a Madeira Island local logistics company. MAIS manages a daily Swiftair ATR72F route between Lisbon and Funchal in Madeira Island. MAIS joint venture mission aimed to give a boost to the local economy, overcoming the […]

DHL awards multiple aircraft charter contract to Swiftair

On 1 March 2018 DHL awarded a charter contract to Swiftair involving the operation of 2x ATR72F aircraft from Budapest airport to destinations in Romania, such as Cluj and Timisoara. The main characteristics of the ATR72-200F aircraft include a 75m3 cargo bay with a max payload of 8 tons and main cargo door dimensions of […]